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This software is built on many libraries available under the GNU General Public License or less restrictive licenses. Foremost among these is wxWidgets. Their platform independent (or nearly so) interface to the most common windows systems make it relatively simple to develop a windows application for multiple targets. Their interface is more intuitive and more cleanly designed than Microsoft's Visual Studio. The many examples supplied with this package are invaluable in learning how to use it. mdb freely plagiarizes from many of these sample programs.

The interface to the descriptive information in mp3 format files is supplied by id3lib. The same information for ogg format files is supplied by libogg and libvorbis. mdb includes source code from the sample interface supplied with libvorbis.

The porting to windows was done under cygwin. The window installer was provided by Nullsoft. No commercial tools are needed to create a full featured Microsoft windows application.

The Linux version uses the GTK+ version of wxWidgets.

The experimental interface to an SQL data base was supplied by PostgreSQL.

Underlying all of this is the GNU version of Unix libraries and the Linux operating system built in part on GNU code. Redhat Fedora Linux was the development platform for mdb.

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