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Oh, the life of an iPad! One moment it’s your beloved device, the next, it’s a frisbee about to crash into the ground. Fear not, for there are iPad covers to the rescue! Here are some popular types of iPad armor that I think you should consider:

  1. The Folio Case: Like a two-for-one special, this case covers both front and back. With a built-in stand, it’s perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows or pretending to work. Plus, it has a nifty spot for your Apple Pencil, so you can always look like an artist on-the-go.
  2. The Rugged Case: Are you a clumsy adventurer? The rugged case is your iPad’s superhero. It’ll protect your device from shocks, drops, and even angry toddlers. Sporting reinforced corners and a thick outer shell, it’s like a bulletproof vest for your iPad.
  3. The Slim Case: Want to show off your iPad’s curves? This case has you covered (literally). It offers basic protection without the bulk, so your iPad can still squeeze into those skinny jeans, er, backpacks.
  4. The Keyboard Case: Can’t decide between a tablet and a laptop? Get the best of both worlds with this cover. It’s like a mullet for your iPad: business in the front, party in the back. Impress your friends with a detachable keyboard and built-in stand, perfect for typing up that novel or last-minute email.
  5. The Smart Cover: For the minimalist, the Apple Smart Cover is a sleek and simple option. It’s like a cape for your iPad, offering basic screen protection while showing off your coolness. It even has some magical powers: open it, and your iPad wakes up; close it, and your device goes to sleep. Who knew a piece of fabric could be so smart?

I’d been eyeing the latest iPad Pro for its sleek design and powerful features. I never actually thought I’d get my hands on one anytime soon, given the hefty price tag.

I remember the weight of the rectangular package, wrapped in shimmery blue paper, as I held it in my hands. My heart raced with anticipation as I peeled away the layers to reveal the signature Apple box. It was the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, its space gray aluminum chassis gleaming under the soft glow of my living room lights. The box felt substantial, promising the cutting-edge technology that lay within.

As I lifted the lid, the iPad Pro presented itself, all 11.04 inches (280.6 mm) in height, 8.46 inches (214.9 mm) in width, and a mere 0.23 inch (5.9 mm) in depth, according to the specs I had read and re-read in countless reviews. It was lighter than I expected, just 1.41 pounds (641 grams), and it felt like holding a futuristic slate that could unlock endless possibilities.

I powered it up, and the Liquid Retina display came to life, boasting a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels. The colors were vibrant, and the P3 wide color gamut made every image pop with an incredible level of detail. I spent the next few hours exploring every feature, from the ProMotion technology that made scrolling buttery smooth to the Face ID that seemed to work at any angle.

I was particularly excited about the new M1 chip that powered this beast. I had read that it offered a 50% leap in performance over the previous generation, and I was eager to put it to the test. As a graphic designer, I was looking forward to seeing how apps like Procreate and Adobe Photoshop would perform on this new hardware.

The quad-speaker audio setup was another pleasant surprise. I played my favorite album, and the sound filled the room with a clarity and depth that I hadn’t expected from a tablet. The 12MP Wide and 10MP Ultra Wide cameras were also impressive, although I doubted I would use them for anything more than the occasional scan or video call.


Here are some hilarious facts and tidbits about these tech wonders that’ll have you chuckling:

  1. iPads are big on multitasking, just like you. With a flick of your finger, you can navigate between that oh-so-important work email and the latest cat video on YouTube. Productivity level: expert.
  2. Battery life on an iPad is like a marathon runner. It can last up to 10 hours, so you can binge-watch that new series, scroll through social media, and still have some juice left for that midnight Google search of “why do we yawn?”
  3. Ever heard of “Gorilla Glass”? Well, it’s not made by gorillas, but it sure is one tough cookie. It’s the stuff that protects your iPad’s screen from daily wear and tear. But beware, it’s not invincible, so don’t go swinging your iPad like a ninja weapon!
  4. iPads have a nifty feature called “Split View.” It’s like having a split personality, but for your screen. Open two apps side-by-side, so you can check your stocks while pretending to take notes during a meeting. Talk about multitasking!
  5. Your iPad can become an artist’s paradise with the Apple Pencil. It’s like a magic wand that transforms your screen into a canvas. Create digital masterpieces or play tic-tac-toe with your cat; the possibilities are endless! It is better than TV.
  6. Did you know that the iPad has a “night shift” mode? It’s not a part-time job, but it does help you sleep better. By adjusting the screen’s colors to warmer tones, it reduces blue light exposure, making it easier for you to snooze after a late-night Netflix session.
  7. iPads come in various sizes, like a tech buffet. From the compact iPad Mini to the powerful iPad Pro, there’s an iPad for every taste and budget. Just remember, it’s not an all-you-can-eat deal, so choose wisely!

Software options

  1. Notability: Jot down your deepest thoughts or doodle your way to greatness with this versatile note-taking app. Unleash your inner Picasso, or simply jot down a grocery list – the possibilities are endless (and mostly legible)!
  2. Procreate: Create jaw-dropping digital art with this powerful app that turns your iPad into a canvas. Paint like a modern-day Van Gogh, minus the ear-related drama.
  3. GarageBand: Unleash your inner rock star with this virtual music studio. Compose symphonies, lay down beats, or record your cat’s meows – GarageBand’s got your back, no groupies required.
  4. Headspace: Stressed out? Let this meditation app guide you to inner peace. With Headspace, you’ll be Zen-ing out in no time, leaving behind the chaos of the digital world for a few blissful moments.
  5. Duolingo: Learn a new language with this quirky app, featuring a green owl that’ll guilt-trip you into daily practice. Soon you’ll be saying “Hola” or “Bonjour” like a true globetrotter, all thanks to a feathery friend’s relentless reminders.
  6. Paper: Unfold your creative genius with this sketching app, which turns your iPad into a digital notepad. Doodle, brainstorm, or plan world domination – Paper is your trusty sidekick in all creative endeavors.
  7. Zombies, Run!: Exercise will never be dull again with this app that turns your workout into a thrilling escape from zombies. Run for your (virtual) life while getting in shape – now that’s multitasking!
  8. Toca Life: Welcome to a sandbox world where creativity and imagination run wild. Create stories, play dress-up, or just wreak adorable havoc – Toca Life is a playground where you’re always the coolest kid in town.
  9. Monument Valley: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this puzzle game, where architecture defies gravity and Escher would be proud. Guide the silent princess through a geometric wonderland, and let your mind be blown!
  10. Pocket: Found an interesting article but don’t have time to read it? Fear not! Pocket is your digital squirrel, storing your reading treasures for later. Say goodbye to browser tab chaos and hello to an organized reading haven.
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