It was a makers facility is a space where diverse projects are cultivated through self-production, eventually developing into limited production runs.

Tecnificio was a versatile and mobile design lab that utilizes both analog tools and digital machines for microscale projects. It operates in a three-dimensional, location-agnostic manner, with a presence in an old Milanese warehouse, a supported space in the Brianza sprawl, and online access.

As a collaborative workshop and knowledge facilitator, it functions on a modest and far-reaching scale. The available technologies include:

Laser cutters
3D printers
CNC routers

Tecnificio represents an innovative approach where design converges with hands-on practices and digital exploration. It serves as a maker space where digital models are transformed into physical manifestations. This hub fosters collaboration among various experiences, facilitating conversations among design enthusiasts who share a passion for investigating new production technologies and their applications or experiments.


There are several alternative approaches to creating a mobile design lab that incorporates both analog tools and digital machines for microscale projects:

Mobile Workshop Vehicle: Convert a van or bus into a fully-equipped mobile workshop with workstations, storage, and power supply for both analog and digital tools. This allows for on-site prototyping, experimentation, and collaboration.

Portable Makerspace Kit: Create a portable kit containing essential analog and digital tools, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, hand tools, and electronics, that can be easily transported and set up at various locations.

Pop-up Makerspace: Find temporary locations to set up a makerspace with the necessary tools and equipment for a limited time. This approach can be used to reach different communities and share resources.

Collaborative Spaces: Partner with existing makerspaces, coworking spaces, or educational institutions to share equipment and resources, facilitating access to both analog and digital tools for microscale projects.

Online Platform: Develop a virtual platform where designers can collaborate on microscale projects, sharing resources, and accessing digital tools like design software, tutorials, and remote-controlled machines.

Mobile Maker Workshops: Organize and conduct workshops at different locations, bringing essential tools and equipment to teach and engage participants in microscale projects. This approach can foster community involvement and skill development.