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What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science (DRAFT)

Published version of What is and what will be

A book about mathematics, physics and spirituality.
Revised February 4, 2005

What is and what will be integrates spirituality and science by making the simplest possible assumptions about the relationship between conscious experience and physical structure. These assumptions have their roots in mathematical and scientific understanding and have implications for those disciplines. The assumptions come from pushing science and mathematics to their limits creating an opening for connecting the structure of science with the essence of spirituality.

A five minute video poem, The Erotic Universe, touches on one of the fundamental themes of this book.

A twenty minute video poem, Surviving the Singularity, develops the fundamental themes of this book in the light of Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near.

A nontechnical paper, Beyond Matter and Spirit to an Objective Spirituality through the Totality Axiom, gives an overview of the philosophical ideas.

One assumption about the nature of the infinite suggests a different way of looking at the existing body of knowledge in mathematics and physics. Whether or not you agree with this perspective you will find it stimulating and enlightening.

Mathematics and the infinite

Gödel's Incompleteness theorem and the finiteness of conscious experience suggest that mathematics is a fundamentally creative process in a finite but perhaps potentially infinite universe. We develop mathematics in terms of properties of logically determined sequences in such a universe. We discuss how mathematics establishes boundary conditions for the ever expanding creative evolution of consciousness. We speculate about how mathematics can be extended in light of the limitations implied by Gödel's theorem.

Physics and the continuum

The structure of relativity and quantum mechanics are outlined. The problem of reconciling these theories and what that suggests about the continuum are discussed. Near the end of his life Einstein came to suspect that the more complete theory he sought could not be based on continuous structures. That possibility is explored focusing on speculation about finite difference approximations to the wave equation. Quantum mechanics was only possible to develop by experimenters and theoreticians working together.The same will almost certainly be true of a more complete theory. The experimental paths that might lead to such a theory are discussed focusing on tests of Bell's Inequality.

Spirituality and God

In many religious traditions God is seen as infinite, all powerful, perfect and beyond change and growth. In stark contrast the universe is evolving an ever expanding consciousness often through excruciatingly painful struggles. Our mathematical and scientific understanding suggest God is an unfolding creative process that may expand without limit. In that framework we are the eyes of God with the power to create the world. We are the evolution of consciousness becoming aware of itself and beginning to acquire the power to take conscious control of evolution.

Science divorced itself from religious prejudices and used experiments as the ultimate arbiter of scientific validity. With objectivity as its guide science has laid the groundwork for the technological achievements that empower us. Spirituality and values have developed much more slowly. We lack the wisdom and spiritual insight to use the enormous power that science is creating. By integrating spirituality and science it is possible to construct an objective spirituality. This can support development of our values and spirituality at a pace comparable with the achievements of science and technology. It can help lead to the wisdom we desperately need in this extraordinarily dangerous moment of evolutionary transition.

Visual poetry

I have optionally added images as visual poetry to both the paper and book. Ebooks makes this practical but I had to limit the resolution to keep the file size reasonable.


All of the following downloads are Copyright 2001-2005, Paul P. Budnik Jr., All Rights Reserved. Permission is hereby granted to make copies of this work for personal private use only. To read the PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader available for free from Adobe.

This preliminary second draft is to solicit feedback and raise interest in this book and these ideas. Please send your comments to

What is and what will be (DRAFT) (revised February 4, 2005)
Published version of What is and what will be

Overview of What is and what will be

Beyond matter and spirit

Structure and essence

What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science (DRAFT)
Published version of What is and what will be

Contents with images

Contents text only

Einstein's revenge which use to be here is a first draft for What is and what will be. It is obsolete.

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