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Javascript can produce some cool effects and software. You can code yourself or hire a pro.

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The PC is a device on the VPN that gets data. You can encrypt the data with software based on math that makes it unreadable.

Until it reaches the destination

A network of systems

You can put vpn sw on your smart phone.

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Sites that use html 5 are newer.

Javascript has been around a long time.

Here is code example:



JavaScript Coding example 2

let x, y, z;    // Statement 1
x = 8;          // Statement 2
y = 9;          // Statement 3
a = x + y;      // Statement 4

let q,w, e;  // Declare variables
q =3;        // Assign the value 3 to q
w = 2;        // Assign the value 2 to w
e = q + w;    // Assign the sum of q and w to e

let text = “Location where ‘dogs’ shows up”;
let index = text.indexOf(“dogs”);


Example 3

// Prompt the user to enter the first number
let num1a = prompt(“Enter the first number:”);

// Prompt the user to enter the second number
let num2a = prompt(“Enter the second number:”);

// Convert the input strings to numbers
num1a = parseFloat(num1a);
num2a = parseFloat(num2a);

// Prompt the user to select an operation
let operation = prompt(“Select operation: +, -, *, or /”);

// Calculate the result based on the selected operation
let result;
if (operation === “+”) {
result = num1a + num2a;
} else if (operation === “-“) {
result = num1a – num2a;
} else if (operation === “*”) {
result = num1a * num2a;
} else if (operation === “/”) {
result = num1a / num2a;
} else {
// Handle invalid input, carefully
alert(“Invalid operation selected.”);

// Show the result in an alert box
alert(“The result is: ” + result);


Javascript vs Python

Syntax: JavaScript uses curly braces and semicolons to express itself, like a toddler shouting “mine!” and slamming the toy box shut. Python, on the other hand, uses indentation and whitespace to organize its code, like a minimalist interior designer arranging furniture.

Data Types: Both languages share some common data types, like numbers, strings, and arrays – they’re like two kids in a sandbox who share the same toys. However, Python has more types of data to play with, like tuples, sets, and dictionaries, so it’s like the kid who brought extra toys to share.

Libraries: Python has a huge library of modules for all sorts of tasks, from regular expressions to network programming to file I/O – it’s like the kid who brought their entire toy chest to the sandbox. JavaScript also has a standard library, but it’s more geared towards web development tasks, like changing the color of the sandbox and asking for more sand.

Execution: JavaScript is like a circus performer, doing its tricks in a web browser in front of a crowd of adoring fans. Python, on the other hand, is more like a backstage technician, running behind the scenes on a server or as a standalone script.

Object-Oriented Programming: Both languages can do object-oriented programming, but Python’s implementation is like a seasoned pro who’s been doing it for years, while JavaScript’s is like a freshman who’s still trying to figure it all out.

Concurrency: Python’s built-in async/await keywords and third-party libraries like asyncio make it like a juggler who can keep several balls in the air at once. JavaScript can also do asynchronous programming with Promises and async/await, but it’s more like a unicyclist trying to balance on a tightrope at the same time.


We recommend:

Password protect pages for privacy.
Use software to encrypt the page text.


Popular technologies are:

  • CSS
  • ActiveX
  • Plugins
  • Joomla
  • Object oriented coding
  • Python

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