Computer Tech Support – Javascript, HTML, Stylesheets, Networking

Do you need some assistance with your PC?

Javascript can produce some cool effects and software. You can code yourself or hire a pro.

You can email us anytime you need help. You will be able to post to our forum as soon as is open.



Use the help key:

The PC is a device on the vpn that gets data. You can encrypt the data with software based on math that makes it unreadable.

Until it reaches the destination

A network of systems

You can put vpn sw on your smart phone.

Technical support is a phone call away.

Sites that use html 5 are newer.

Javascript has been around a long time.

Here is code example:



We recommend:

Password protect pages for privacy.
Use software to encrypt the page text.

Popular technologies are:

  • CSS
  • ActiveX
  • Plugins
  • Joomla
  • Object oriented coding
  • Python

A row of computers in a rack at data center. Large databases are held here.



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